Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees in the table below are for students matriculated in one of the PCC’s training programs.

Course fees for non-matriculated students are $710 for a 16-week course and $355 for an 8-week course ($645/$325, respectively, for graduate students and residents). A $25 Registration Fee is due at the time of application. Course fees may differ for advanced conferences and seminars. Please review the fees at check-out on the course registration page.

Tuition and Fees for Matriculated Students

Training Component Cost
Application Fee (non-refundable)
Training Program Annual Fee
($125 due July 1, $125 due January 1)
Course Fees: Matriculated students will be charged course tuition on a per course basis
Matriculated students are not charged course registration fees*
$510 (16-wk course)
$255 (8-wk course)
PEP Web Annual Subscription (Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing)
Due July 1
Supervision: Negotiated individually between students and their supervisors
Varies ♦
Personal Treatment: Fees for training analysis/psychotherapy are set by agreement between individual students and their analysts/psychotherapists Varies ♦
PCC Membership: Membership dues are invoiced in December. Membership year runs January to December. Academic students are not required to join the PCC membership but are encouraged to join. $150

* Payment plans over the course of a semester can be arranged with the Business Manager

♦ The cost of psychoanalytic training will depend largely on these two numbers which is very much contingent upon personal circumstance. We recognize and do not want to lose sight of this. In order to do these numbers justice, we encourage students to reach out to the psychoanalysis director or psychoanalytic psychotherapy director to discuss these numbers and come up with something that would be appropriate for each prospective student.