Psychoanalysis Training

The psychoanalysis training program prepares practitioners to practice psychoanalysis, a treatment that enables those patients who are able to utilize an insight-oriented, self-exploratory approach to work at a greater depth and achieve fuller change than is generally possible in psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

Psychoanalysis is a discipline that studies human development, human relationships, mental health, and mental illness as outcomes of the unique interaction among each individual’s thoughts, feelings, behaviors, culture, and environment. Psychoanalysis is also a treatment method that focuses upon a systematic exploration of unconscious phenomena, as well as on the conscious, neurobiological, and social phenomena upon which other treatment modalities concentrate.

Explore the PCC’s Psychoanalysis Training Programs

Candidates embarking upon their training may choose to focus on psychoanalytic work with adults, with children (our child-focused program), or both (our “combined” program).