About the PCC

The PCC is a welcoming community of mental health professionals who study and share the life-changing benefits of psychoanalysis. We advocate empathic, attuned mental health care, connecting people seeking therapy with highly qualified psychoanalysts and psychoanalytic psychotherapists.

PCC provides the only post-graduate training program in psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy in the Carolinas. As a membership organization, we assist students and graduates in mental health fields to advance their careers through networking and continuing education.

Community service is part of our mission. The PCC helps parents, children, and teachers by sponsoring innovative programs, including Circle of Security Parenting and Peaceful Schools.

Psychoanalysis in North Carolina: A Brief History 1910 to 2015, written by David F. Freeman, MD, and edited by Paul M. Brinich, PhD., 2017

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If the idea of psychoanalysis conjures up images of a couch and detached therapist, then you might be surprised to learn about the proven benefits of modern psychoanalysis and its practical application into your existing practice.