Board of Directors

VACANT – President
Harold Kudler, MD, Past President
E. Scott Warren, LCMHC, PhD, Treasurer
Burton Hutto, MD, Secretary
Dhipthi Brundage, MD, TEC Director
Christine Erskine, LCSW
John Riley, LCMHC
Josie Sawyer, LCSW
Kendra Surmitis, PhD
Tricia Wilson

The Board of Directors of the Psychoanalytic Center of the Carolinas is composed of physicians, mental health professionals, and business leaders. The Board convenes approximately every month.


Vann Pearsall, Executive Director
Katharine Jarman, Marketing and Communications Manager
Lisa Long, Business Manager
Deb Mugno, COS Program Director
Kayla Schilke, Training and Education Program Manager
Nancy Sowa, Special Projects
Lucy Worth, Development Manager


The PCC faculty is comprised of graduates of our programs or similar programs who can provide expertise and experience as supervisors and teachers.

Faculty Directory

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The Psychoanalytic Center of the Carolinas strives to promote emotional resilience by understanding the mind through psychoanalytic education, practice, and service. Support the mission of the PCC, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

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Committee Chair Committee Members
Admissions  Burt Hutto (Acting) Lida Jeck
Carolyn Lee
Amy Levy
Anti-Racism Task Force VACANT Harold Kudler
Liz Liepold
Elissa Murphy
Rachel Poliquin
Sarah Ralston
Lili Sznaidman
Ashland Thompson
Colleague Assistance VACANT Terrie Baker
Natalie Peacock-Corral
Lili Sznaidman
Communications Heather Craige (Acting) Jeff Napolitano
Rachel Poliquin
Community Outreach Workgroup VACANT David Freeman
Harold Kudler
Noel Mazade
Sharon Merrill
Community Services & Programs/Circle of Security Tricia Wilson Heather Craige
Susanne Walker-Wilson
Asata Virgo
Curriculum Elissa Murphy Chris Erskine
Rachel Poliquin
Ethics Laurie Pahel
Finance Scott Warren, Treasurer
Fundraising David Smith
Harold Kudler
Heather Craige
Janelle Sharp
Membership Services John Riley Megan Clark, Referral Line Coordinator
Dhin Tran
Psychoanalysis Training Program Burt Hutto Terrie Baker
Sandra Bennett
Steve Bennett
Dhipthi Brundage
Heather Craige
Julia Danek
Dorothy Holmes
Lida Jeck
Michael Macklin
Rex Moody
David Moore
Laurie Pahel
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Training Program Christy Tronnier Jill Dunn
Carolyn Lee
Scientific Programs Greg Connuck Katherine Broadway
Pete Buonaccorsi
Megan Clark
Mary Huelsbeck
Training and Education Committee (TEC) Dhipthi Brundage, TEC Director Associate Director – VACANT
Admissions Chair – Burt Hutto (Acting)
Chris Erskine, Faculty Chair
Elissa Murphy, Curriculum Chair
Burt Hutto, Psychoanalysis Program Director
Christy Tronnier, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Program Director
Kayla Schilke, Secretary