307 – Developmental Crises – 4: Adulthood

Description:    There are developmental challenges to be mastered throughout the life cycle.  This course, the fourth in a series of four, will focus on the potential developmental crises during the period for young adult through late life.    We will utilize a psychoanalytic perspective to explore the intrapsychic and interpersonal developmental tasks common to adulthood and the difficulties that may arise from failure to master them. We will consider differing theoretical perspectives using classic and more recent readings. Relevant clinical material will be presented, and there will be ample opportunity for discussion. 

Target Audience: This course is appropriate for intermediate through advanced students, as well as clinicians with extensive experience who are considering analytic training and have the permission of the instructor. 

Prerequisite:  This class is open to matriculated  Psychoanalytic Adult or Adult/Child students who have completed all, or nearly all, of the Core Curriculum which must include having completed Psychological Development Across the Life Cycle 1 and 2.  Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy students and graduates who have completed the core curriculum and have at least one intensive case may also take these classes.   Other students may be eligible to attend only with permission of the instructor.