302 – Freud in Depth

Description:  This class explores the many contributions to psychoanalysis made by Freud and provides an opportunity to explore this material I more depth. Among the many contributions made by Freud, we will review are those related to the structural model, dreams, infantile sexuality, views about characterological patterns, mourning, symptoms, inhibitions, and anxieties.  We will also consider Freud’s thinking about issues at a more macro level including, civilization and its discontents and war which he considered later in his career. Here, we are giving the advanced psychoanalytic student a broad exposer to Freud and his works which, although written many years ago, are still discussed, reviewed, read, and re-interpreted throughout the years following the publication of these works. 

Target Audience: This course is intended for clinicians at an intermediate to advanced levels. 

Prerequisite: This class is open to matriculated students in the Adult, and Child/Adult psychoanalytic tracks. Students will need to have completed all, or nearly all, of the classes in the core curriculum. Individuals who have graduated from the Psychodynamic Psychotherapy track or students matriculated in that track who have competed all or nearly all of the core curriculum and have at least one case in progress, may also take the course with permission of the instructors.